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So today whilst updating my bucketlist I realised that Anthony and I have already visited 8 of the countries and cities/cites on my list! We only have Greece, Switzerland and Spain left to visit in Europe .. But they can wait for next time! Right now I’m super keen for America, South America or Africa! Bring on the saving!!

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The Vatican, Florence, Venice, Paris, Verona, Amsterdam, Madame Tussaud’s - Amsterdam, Belgium, Juliet’s Wall - Verona, The Colosseum - Rome!

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At the Eiffel Tower with my honey

Today’s morning workout x

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We’re the opposite of normal haha

Before we left for our date night. I love this guy

He’s such a darl 😂

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Afternoon nap on the couch @ant_middleton ♡👫😴

He was grumpy this morning so I sent him a million gifs of cats. He loves cats haha